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Edition One


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The first edition of Elementum explores the theme of calling.

We set sail on untameable oceans that renew the love of home, and revisit the enduring myth of the Mermaid of Zennor. We take to the trail in the company of Yosemite National Park’s black bears, and a writer recalls how the inspiration for a story was heard within a silent landscape. We reflect on the enduring song of the humpback whale, and a musician reveals how a long-dormant vocation was birthed. These and other stories will be published alongside beautiful and interpretative images from artists, illustrators and photographers. 

The inspiration for this first edition has come from living near the sea. Barely explored and partly understood, Earth’s last remaining frontier remains a source of mystery and imagination, reflection and possibility. Perhaps there is no better place to start our journey than where all life began.


The Draw of the Sea

Place, Memory, & Fiction

Elementum Journal - The Draw of the Sea

The mermaid of zennor illustration

Zennor Transformations

In the High Country, in the Mermaid's Hands


Where Tributaries of Timber Meet

wave splashing over a gunwale

abstract monochrome photo of trees in a forest


A Poem

The Raven & the Whale

A Retelling

The Raven and the whale painting

pencil drawing of a humpback whale

Deep-Singer, Story Keeper

Voices from the Ocean

Ocean Beat

A Poem

drawing of a whale's tail

pastels impression of a bear

Backcountry Yosemite

On the Trail With Mama Bear

Singing the Land

Music of Place and Presence

beating of a drum

etching of boats in a storm

To Sea & Back Again

Without Home there is no Adventure

A Call to Silence

Making Space to be Heard

Landscape drawing in black and white

monochrome photo of playing a guiter

Overcoming the Silence

Singing in the Key of Life

Writing the Landscape

In Conversation with Irish Poet Jane Clarke

Green mountains on a cloudy day

photo of a rocky, woodland stream

Against the Flow

A Poem


Cove of the Thicket