What Our Readers Say

It is an absolutely extraordinary text: a book, not a journal, really.

Robert Macfarlane, writer

In an age of beautiful books, here is the most beautiful journal. Elementum is as glorious as the world it describes, full of the most luminous writing and striking imagery. An object to treasure.

Alex Preston, Author of As Kingfishers Catch Fire

Elementum is a unique publication. It doesn't just have good writing in it (though it does that, and plenty of it), but it's as beautiful an object as anything on the market – and the photographs, paintings and drawings in it complement the words to stunning effect. A labour of love, and lovely in itself.

Sam Leith, Literary Editor, The Spectator

What a beautiful publication – something to treasure and return to often.

Fran H-B, reader

Hands down the most beautiful journal in the history of ink put to paper.

Natasha Carthew, writer

So much treasure, I can’t put it down.

Lynne Hatwell, blogger at Dovegreyreader.co.uk

This publication is outstanding! It flows like a beautiful dream. The pitch and tone of artwork and layout of text and images throughout is an absolute joy - it is just wonderful!

Caroline Blythe, Artist

Such a high standard of content and presentation, well done, really. It’s wonderful to hold in the hand and full of thoughtful and thought-provoking material.

James Parry, writer