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Elementum Journal review in Coast Magazine snippet

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'Taking time out to still our minds on coasts, forests and mountains can be easier said than done. That's why we love the ethos of Elementum; a bi-annual journal that explores the natural world and our place within it. Blending folklore, literature and poetry with science, art and photography, it's a balm for the curious reader, gently asking questions that encourage us to see the natural world in new, and possibly transfornative ways.'


“The hunger to create was bigger than the wall society tried to put in front of me”

An interview with Jackie Morris, Artists & IIlustrators Magazine

An interview with Jacki Morris

Jenny Devitt of Sherborne's Abbey 104 FM talks with Elementum Journal's founding editor, Jay Armstrong, about the inspiration behind the publication, the journey to print, and the importance of bringing together writing on landscape, science, and folklore with art, illustration and photography.

ISIS Magazine snippet - an interview with Jay Armstrong of Elementum Journal

An Interview with Jay Armstrong for the Oxford University student magazine, ISIS

“Reading Elementum takes you on a sensual journey as well as an emotional and intellectual one; from the choice of paper, uncoated to produce traction and slow the eye, to the colour palette that weaves through each edition, thought has been given to every stage of the design process. The visual narrative is just as important as the written. Photo essays and illustrations work in tandem to convey the individual impressions of the artists and specialists that Jay has commissioned..."

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