Elementum Joins Bookshop.org

Elementum's Online Bookshop
–   Explaining a bit more about Bookshop.org  –

To set up and populate an online bookshop is a monumental task and one I have steered away from in the past. The newly launched Bookshop.org is a perfect solution for bookshops who want to offer online sales, and for customers who want to support their local bookshop but prefer not to shop in person. It's also a lifeline for indie shops who are currently in a second lockdown.

Please note that we do not hold the stock but effectively act as agents on Bookshop.org's behalf. They in turn handle all orders, despatch and customer service. We share the same wholesaler however, which is a UK-based, family-run business.

In order to be transparent, here's a bit more about how the process works if you place and order through Elementum's page on Bookshop.org 

How it Works

Click on this link or on the image below and you will be taken straight to Elementum's page. Your computer or phone will 'set a cookie' which means that if you buy any book from the site it will be credited to Elementum.

You will know that you are visiting the right bookshop because Elementum's name and logo will appear in the top left of the page of your screen. If for any reason a different bookshop is displayed and you want to change that, simply click on the above storefront link again, or cut and paste it into your browser window. Or equally, you can search for the bookshop you want to support and nominate them as well. Now is not the time to be greedy!

The page should look something like this:

Any book you buy, having clicked onto our page or having found our shop in the search option, will generate a 30% commission for Elementum. This is slightly less than we would normally receive but the benefit to you is that the titles are reduced in price and the benefit to Elementum is that I don't have to take risk buying stock.

Please note that the Bookshop.org team will deal with all enquiries related to your order. The communications you receive from them will have the contact details if you have any queries about your order.

Delivery is UK only and there is a flat charge of £2.75. But, if you're not in the UK and spot a book you can't find in your own country, please let me know! Last week I sent some titles to customers in the US (wave to our friends in the US) and the postage was very reasonable. If you're not in the UK but want to buy a book for someone who is then this is a perfect way of doing so.

I hope that explains things a bit more and however you choose to buy your books, thank you for supporting bookshops during what would normally be our busiest period. Any questions at all, or if you encounter difficulties with purchases, please email: jay@elementumjournal.com