Letter from the Editor

It’s been a fascinating and busy year for us at Elementum. Edition Five was published in the summer and was our biggest print run yet. We also took the decision to move to new premises and saw the opportunity to open a gallery and bookshop. In addition to curating the best selection of writing about the natural world in the South West (in our humble opinion!) we’ve hosted events, courses and, most recently, an exhibition by renowned artist and journal contributor, Neil Gower. I’ve been invited to contribute to podcasts and radio interviews, speak at literary festivals and lecture at universities. We’ve also developed a very encouraging relationship with a wholesaler who has helped distribute the journal to more bookshops around the country – it’s always a thrill to hear how well it’s been received! 

To my mind, this is exactly what Elementum has always been about – it’s a journal but it’s also about sharing a love of literature and encouraging an appreciation of art in its many forms. At its core however, Elementum seeks to nurture a deeper connection with the living world, and to encourage curiosity and responsibility that is born out of respect and humility. But, by necessity, Elementum also has to run as a business. What has become increasingly apparent however, is that the work involved in publishing each edition, and the ongoing marketing, is outstripping our current resources. The positive side is that this is a symptom of growth and is opening up all manner of opportunities. The downside is that we’ve realised that we need to delay Edition Six in order to re-evaluate the shape and direction of the business and plan for growth – but to do so sustainably and profitably, conscious of the impact on both human and natural resources. 

Publication date for Edition Six is still to be confirmed and will announce any news as soon as possible.

Thank you to each reader for your support and for being part of this rather extraordinary journey. If you don't yet know our full story and where the idea for Elementum came from, please take a listen to interviews that we've uploaded to the website.

With best wishes,

Jay Armstrong – Editor