Nautilus – Beautiful Survivor


by Wolfgang Grulke (signed copy)


The Chambered Nautilus is one of the oldest living things on our planet. Since the dawn of civilisation its form has inspired artists, designers and architects. Nautilus has survived whatever the world has thrown at it for more than 500 million years, persisting even as dinosaurs and many other life forms vanished. Now, however, some believe it could become extinct within a generation.

Nautilus – Beautiful Survivor is a superbly researched book that is unique in its genre. Although appreciated by both experts and enthusiasts alike, it has been written for any reader curious to know more about the history of life on this planet, from its earliest beginnings to the present day. 

Author, Wolfgang Grulke, is neither an academic nor a scientist but an avid collector with an abiding passion for the natural world. He has spent the last twenty five years asking questions about the history of nautilus and ammonites, and is widely known for his unique collection of shells, marine fossils and dinosaur eggs.

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"I've always been entranced by Nautilus - alive and long dead - and had hours of delight studying your wonderful book. Magnificent. Incomparable."
Sir David Attenborough

In beautiful hardback coffee-table format.

Size 252 x 297mm

224 pages

Nautilus – Beautiful Survivor


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Nautilus - Beautiful Survivor by Wolfgang Grulke