Beyond Extinction – Perspectives from Deep Time


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SOLD OUT Sherborne: Thursday 21st November

A powerful illustrated talk on the work leading up to his new book, plus a book-signing by author Wolfgang Grulke.

Join Wolfgang Grulke for a fascinating evening as he looks beyond the media focus and takes a fresh look at climate change, extinction, evolution and the surprising continuity of life.

The ocean is the womb of all life on earth. It is beautiful and bizarre, violent and mysterious.  Its 500-million-year history is preserved in stone. Without these fossils we would have no idea of the ancient history of life. This is a personal journey exploring the origins of life and its dynamic present. Remember, we always have choice.

“Amazing. Refreshing to read an up-beat text instead of doom-laden messages.” Sir David Attenborough

“An incredible and beautiful book.” James Lovelock, author of the Gaia hypothesis 

“It may just change the way you think about our world.” Tony Morelli,

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Wolfgang Grulke is a businessman, scuba-diver, traveller, inveterate collector of fossils and author of an important natural history trilogy, of which this book is the third instalment. He has been rated amongst the world’s top speakers about the future, and communicator about the history of deep time. He lives in the chaotic space between the two, in Dorset.

Event Venue:
Sherborne: Thursday 21st November at 7.00pm, The Grange at Oborne, DT9 4LA

£10 per person. The event ticket entitles you to a £20 discount on signed copies of Wolfgang Grulke’s books (RRP £48) plus a complimentary wall-size poster on ‘The Continuity of Life’.

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Portrait of Wolfgang Grulke © Katharine Davies/Sherborne Times


Beyond Extinction – Perspectives from Deep Time
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